Local News on Environmental and Growth Issues The Washington Post The Deadlines That Failed. Virginia, Maryland and the District missed their water pollution deadlines by years — 19 years. They still haven’t reduced the area’s smog — 30 years after the mandate. Now, three key environmental dates are near. Any hope of meeting them? By David A. Fahrenthold - "In the 1970s, the Environmental Protection Agency was told to collect water pollution-control plans from Maryland, Virginia and the District by 1979. The first arrived in 1998." WBOC Bay Foundation Program Promotes Shell Recycling for Restoration (AP)- Oyster shells from a French restaurant here are collected weekly, destined to return to the waters in which they originated. The pilot recycling program is designed to keep oyster shells out of landfills and back in rivers to help restore habitat for the shellfish and other marine species. The Cecil Whig Study expects development rights plan to struggle early By Eugene Paik - "The Cecil County transfer of development rights program has the potential for great success but is likely to stumble out the gate, according to a study released late last week. A report on the effectiveness of the farm preservation policy concluded that stagnant infrastructure development and an exception in the county’s ordinance may cause the program to struggle early."
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