Ministry blasts report on NZ’s environment record


The Ministry for the Environment has blasted a report by the OECD on New Zealand’s environmental record. The new report by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) gives New Zealand a poor environmental rating. New Zealand is the worst performing of all 34 member states in the percentage of its municipal waste that … [Read more…]

Watch a space fleet track Earth’s weather and environment


Monday, October 5, 2015, 10:42 AM – To kick off World Space Week 2015, check out the two dozen satellites that monitor our planet’s changing weather and environment from near-Earth orbit and beyond. Monitoring Earth’s weather and environment from space is vital for forecasting, conservation and even emergency response, as it offers us a viewpoint … [Read more…]

A manifesto for algorithms in the environment


Algorithms – step-by-step sequences of operations that solve specific computational tasks – are transforming the world around us. They support sophisticated search engines, voice recognition software, online transactions, data compression, targeted advertising and self-driving cars. But algorithms also shape our biosphere – the global ecosystem and its thin layer of life on our planet that … [Read more…]

Edelman ends work with coal producers and climate change deniers


Edelman ends work with coal producers and climate change deniers World’s biggest PR firm says high risk clients threaten its reputation, following criticism for its work on behalf of fossil fuel companies. The world’s biggest public relations company has decided it will no longer work with coal producers and climate change deniers. Edelman said it … [Read more…]

Emaciated polar bear pictures raise global warming concerns

global warming-white-bear

Photographs of underweight polar bears have gone viral on social media and raised concerns about the effects of climate change Photographs of emaciated polar bears have gone viral on social media, and raised concerns over the effects of global warming. One, taken by National Geographic photographer Paul Nicklen, shows a dead polar bear lying on … [Read more…]

Human impact on global environment may be peaking


The Northeastern United States is full of forests these days, and those forests are increasingly full of bears, coyotes and other wildlife. This probably would have seemed inconceivable 150 years ago, when the region’s trees were being clear-cut to oblivion. Undesirable, too. “Wilderness” didn’t have really positive connotations at the time. What happened? Coal replaced … [Read more…]

Catholic Center and the Office of Academic Programs.


Students, faculty and staff packed Doheny Memorial Library to hear how one of the world’s most beloved religious leaders is shaping the debate on climate change and global environmental policy. The lunchtime discussion featured five panelists: Father James Heft, Alton M. Brooks professor of religion and president of the Institute for Advanced Catholic Studies; Julien … [Read more…]